As Forta we manufacture and supply reinforcements, fiber reinforcements, synthetic fiber reinforcements, concrete reinforcements, asphalt reinforcements, concrete fiber reinforcements, asphalt fiber reinforcements, primary reinforcements, asphalt materials, concrete materials, asphalt boosters, reinforcement, fiber reinforcement, synthetic fiber reinforcement, concrete reinforcement, asphalt reinforcement, concrete fiber reinforcement, asphalt fiber reinforcement, primary reinforcement, asphalt material, concrete material, asphalt booster, cement, cements, construction material, construction materials, building material, building materials, rebars, composite rebars, rebar, composite rebar... FORTA İNŞAAT, is the distributor of 'FORTA Corporation' in 23 countries including Turkey, Russia, Azerbajian and Iraq as well. FORTA Corporation, produces high competent fiber reinforcements for concrete and asphalt. FORTA pioneered and developed the market for synthetic fiber reinforcement technology for concrete industry since 1978. FORTA's synthetic fiber reinforcement technology is patented using first rate materials that provide superior quailities and performance that rivals admire all over the world.

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